Why the Yahoo Mail is not working on the app?

People prefer mobile over PC or laptops for using mail app or any other social media app. Of course, the social media platform along with mail services have their own application for android and iPhone OS. Yahoo mail is one of them. It is an excellently developed app and comes with fantastic features that are loved by the Yahoo users. Yahoo is the simplest and easy way to get access to your Yahoo Mail account anytime and anywhere you want to. Yahoo Mail App not working on Android is one of the main issues that the user faces. It comes with different useful features into its platform and known for its feature-loaded integration along with excellent functionality.

But there is a fact that sometimes you might get stuck when the app stops working on your device. Well, it not only gets you stuck but also makes you irritated because you are not able to send an email or any attachment via your phone. In that case, we are here with the resolution so that you can make your Yahoo able to send an attachment.


Solution of Yahoo Mail App not working on Android:

  • First of all, check that your device is connected to the internet. Yahoo app will not work without internet
  • Check the app permissions for the Android to get connected with the other info on your device. Make sure to make it enable
  • Yahoo app works excellently on the advanced versions of OS. Update the operating system of your device to the latest version
  • Now, clear the cache of the app if it slows or freezes constantly. In that case, you can force to stop the app and then restart it or try to uninstall and reinstall
  • There are some features of Yahoo that are not available on the mobile version and if you cannot find any feature then access your Yahoo account from your desktop

By following the above-given steps, you can easily resolve this issue and get your Yahoo fixed to work properly on it

Resolution of Yahoo Mail App not working on iOS:

  • Update your device operating system to the latest version of iOS
  • Make sure if your account is working outside the Yahoo mail app. Just sign in to your account from a computer
  • Send an email to your email id or any of the other alternatives if and see if it comes within 5 minutes. If the issues still occur then fix them firstly
  • Remove your Yahoo Mail app from your iPhone and reinstall it

If the problem still persists then it is advisable to Update Yahoo Mail for that, follow the given steps to get the Yahoo updated as soon as possible.

On Android:

  • On your Android device, just tap on Play Store
  • When the Play Store app open on your system then, enter ‘Yahoo Mail’ in the search
  • Now, the search result will show whether there is an update available for Yahoo Mail app or not
  • If you look at an ‘Update’ option that appears just next to the Uninstall option, tap on it to update the app. If it still shows ‘Open’, it means there’s no update for the Yahoo Mail

On iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, tap on the App Store
  • When the App Store opened on your screen then, enter ‘Yahoo Mail’ in the search box
  • From the appeared result, just tap on Update
  • If you don’t see any update option on your display, it means the Yahoo Mail app is already updated

By following these steps and tips, you can easily make your Yahoo completely good for sending or receiving emails. Call on Yahoo Support Number to get in touch with the technical expert for instant help. The teams are available 24×7 and serve their best to provide the exact resolution of all issues and errors.