How to install Yahoo Mail on Windows 10?

Yahoo email service is actually very safe to use and has become one of the best email services around the world. You can install Yahoo Mail app on your device from the device-related Store. It comes with some outstanding features and security tools due to which you can keep your Yahoo account safe and secure. But, it is advisable to do not open your Yahoo Mail account from the un-trusted device and use a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone. Also, Two-Step verification is the best security tool offered by Yahoo Email service. When you enable this feature, every-time you log in to your Yahoo email account you will receive a code on your trusted/own device for granting permission to get access to your account.

yahoo mail not working on window 10

In this guide, we will discuss the procedure to install the Yahoo Mail app on Windows 10:

  • First of all, go to start menu
  • Then, type ‘Store’ in the required field
  • You will be redirected to the Windows Store
  • Enter Yahoo Mail App in the search bar that appears at the top of the right-hand side
  • Then, you will see the option Install option bottom of the Yahoo Mail
  • Click on the Install option to install the Yahoo Mail app
  • Wait until the installation is completed and when you see the Open it means you are done

The things that happen when you click Free Download:

  • You will be redirected to the external website to finish the download
  • Click on the Free Download option will redirect you to the Windows store where you can download the program
  • If you encounter any errors with your download then call on Yahoo Support Number for instant help from the experts

The Yahoo email service and application is free to download and use. The users can easily sign up for a free account just by visiting the official website of Yahoo and the official applications can be found in various app stores as well as third-party sites.

Yahoo Mail app comes with an easy to use interface and consists of all options which you would expect from an email app. With the help of the app, you can send and receive messages, videos, share photos and search emails, documents, scan messages in your inbox with continuous scroll and many more. The app also comes with the live tiles feature. It means one can view the new message on the Start screen when there is a new message that comes in the inbox. Yahoo Download is the best way to operate your email service. Apart from this, it also sends desktop notifications whenever there’s a new mail in the inbox.

Yahoo has decided to remove the official Yahoo Mail app from the Windows Store because it did not like too much by the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and Windows 0. But the company changed its mind and hence the app is again available for a free download.

The app comes with the support for the desktop and lock screen notifications, dynamic Live Tile that is available in the Start Menu. But, what you should know is that it is just a web wrapper for the Yahoo webmail and it is not an official app that is quite sad for the Windows 10 Yahoo users. Let’s have a look at the feature of Yahoo App:

  • Get real-time notifications so that you never miss a message
  • See the number of the new messages on your lock screen
  • View the Live Tile in the Start menu to get a quick status on your inbox
  • Manage your mail with the Smart Views, folders and several options to sort your message list
  • Import contacts from the Gmail, Facebook, AOL or Outlook to make the easy connection to the people whom you care
  • Multitask in your inbox with the Tabs: search, compose and read messages at all a time without opening any new windows
  • Find the document, message or photo which you are looking for with Yahoo Mail’s best class search feature
  • You can send beautiful emails with the Yahoo Mail stationery designed by the Paperless Post
  • Personalize your inbox with over 20+ attractive themes to choose from

Although the fact that it is not a native app, Yahoo Mail for Windows 10 currently has a 4.2 rating from a number of 142 ratings. It comes with a size of 15.19 MB and be used only on PCs as per its description.